Our Story

Our Loomwares Dream is simple...

to design and create beautiful items from ethical natural fibres that will make a positive difference to your home and lifestyle with a luxury and sensibility for todays world ensuring they are both timeless and purposeful. Bringing you a connection to our natural environment

The name Loom, an echo from the past, celebrates the age-old art of textile creation on handcrafted wooden looms. While we continue to treasure this traditional method, we also respect the evolution of craft and partner with small family-owned ethical mills, where craftsmanship meets innovation and small batch production avoiding waste.

With every fibre

  • We work with nature, not against it

    We craft all our collections with the very best of intent using ehtically sourced natural fibres We choose natural fibres that return gently back to the earth where they originated.

  • Passionate about textiles

    We are passionate about textiles - how they feel - the joy of layers and textures from soft, sensual and warm to crisp light and cool.

  • Timeless Quality & Style

    We believe in the value of well considered design with each and every piece offering longevity & natural luxury in everyday life.

The Loomwares Promise

Timeless Elegance and Conscious Living

Our collections are soulfully designed and are woven from an ever-evolving narrative. We genuinely hope that our Loomwares creations enhance your life with the subtle luxury, knowing that they have been created with all-natural fibres means they're better for you and our planet today, tomorrow, and for the many years to come.   

Ethical Global Textile Artistry: The Fabric of Our Ethos

Designed here in New Zealand and nurtured by partnerships with select boutique makers globally, our home textiles and lifestyle garments marry luxurious quality with sustainability. Offering the purest soft warmth from cashmere, the resilience of merino, empowering strength from flax,linens and cottons, and the delicate touch of silks. Each natural fibre carries a distinctive whisper of its origin that promises to enhance your living space and lifestyle.

Meet Our Founder

The heart and soul behind Loomwares, Kathy, brings her love of beautifully crafted textiles and our natural environment to each and every item in our collections. We believe in all things naturally sustainable in today's world being better not only for you, but also for our planet now and into the future. Having spent time in the textile space for many years owning successful homewares, lifestyle and design businesses, and a desire to create a unique collection with an ethos based on ethical craftmanship and the exclusive use of sustainably sourced natural fibres to create a brand with a sensibility and practicality to bring everyday luxury to your home and lifestyle.

With a desire to bridge the gap between two passions - Beautiful Design & taking Care of our Planet. Our team and partners know it’s possible to produce stunning, quality-crafted textiles that are consciously affordable and will minimise damage and impact on today's earth.

This provides the drive to create standout, sustainable pieces that genuinely add that little bit of everyday luxury for lovers of design who care about their impact.

We truly hope Loomwares creations enhance your life with subtle luxury, comfort and design whilst taking care of our planet with all-natural fibre peace of mind.